Activate has pioneered voter contact technology for over three decades!

We invented the virtual dialer!  Seriously!

Activate puts supporters to work texting and dialing voters with a simple, user-friendly dashboard uniquely optimized for all devices including computers, tablets and even cell phones.

Volunteers are back!

It's not just our motto.  It's our belief in grass roots organizing.

If you have internet access you have the ability to easily move votes on Activate.

We maximize volunteer time, dramatically increase voter contact, and allow you to manage your textbanks and phonebanks in real time. It was first designed in 2005 by Mark Sump and a team of brilliant designers.  We have have decades of experience as campaign organizers with an expertise in voter contact making millions of contacts to help Democrats and progressive organizations across the country.

Campaigns can now use volunteers to make calls and send texts to thousands of voters per hour without dialing a phone to typing a message. Now, volunteers only spend time communicating with voters and helping the cause.

Here's the best part: our prices are the lowest of anyone. 

Customer Service is our first priority!

Activate prides itself in its very high standards for customer service. As President/CEO Mark Sump would put it, "Excellent customer service is a rule, not an exception." In keeping with this motto, Activate takes every step to ensure that your campaign is satisfied with our services.

Activate always has at least one of its highly experienced staff members on call and ready to assist you with an questions you have or issues that might arise twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Our entire staff has vast experience working on grass roots campaigns.

These same experts are able use simple, web-based technologies to teach your volunteers and campaign workers how to use the Activate system to its fullest potential through screen-sharing and live conversations. They can also instruct members of your campaign on how to pull data from the Activate system, as well as advising on your scripts and best practices. In addition, using the Activate system, we are able to monitor incoming calling data from all of our clients and notice potential issues before they become serious problems for your campaign.

We will help you win!