Break the Status Quo!

SmartActivate is a system that puts supporters to work on the phones getting the message out - without having to waste time on dialing, printing call sheets or even waiting for the phone to ring.

SmartActivate maximizes volunteer time, dramatically increases voter contact, and allows you to manage your virtual call center in real time. It was designed by The Next Big Thing, LLC team, who have decades of experience and made millions of calls to help Democrats and progressive organizations.

With SmartActivate, campaigns can use volunteers to make calls without dialing. Now, volunteers only spend time talking to people and helping the cause - all for less money than paid calls!

Now we are breaking the Status Quo again with PoliMetrics. PoliMetrics is the logical evolution of how voter ID programs need to be executed in the age of big data.  PoliMetrics is the next building block on Activate 3 to utilize your volunteer force while satisfying a critical campaign need.

PoliMetrics combines traditional volunteer phonebanking with cutting edge statistical methodology to turn an in-house voter ID program into a sophisticated modeling machine that includes continual cross-tabulation of results, our new heat map technology and voter file scoring. 

Customer Service

Activate prides itself in its very high standards for customer service. As President/CEO Mark Sump would put it, "Excellent customer service is a rule, not an exception." In keeping with this motto, Activate takes every step to ensure that your campaign is satisfied with our services.

Activate always has at least one of its highly experienced staff members on call and ready to assist you with an questions you have or issues that might arise twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Our entire staff also has experience working o campaigns and primarily in the field, especially Activate President, Mark Sump.

These same experts are able use simple, web-based technologies to teach your volunteers and campaign workers how to use the Activate system to its fullest potential through screen-sharing and live conversations. They can also instruct members of your campaign on how to pull data from the Activate system, as well as make small tweaks to your scripts as you see fit. In addition, using the SmartActivate system, we are able monitor incoming calling data from all of our clients and notice potential issues before they become serious problems for your campaign.