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  SmartActivate Dialer Calls

Using the Activate system, volunteers can make 35-45 live contacts and 120 dials per hour, well above the 28 dials and 5 live contacts that manual dialing typically generates. Thanks to Activate’s web-based technology, those same volunteers are able to log on and take calls from anywhere they have web access and make calls nationwide.

Clients have successfully used the Activate dialer for get out the vote efforts, advocacy, surveys, polling, issue research, message testing, and voter ID, preference, and persuasion calls.

  Web Interface

Activate’s web interface allows your campaign to create voter specific, customizable surveys. The scripts of these surveys can be changed without logging and can be configured to serve a wide variety of data gathering purposes. The web interface also includes tools that allow supervisors to listen in on calls their volunteers are making to track their progress and take note of things that work and don’t work with the group of voters being called. A built in chat system also allows volunteers and campaign workers to be in contact with each other while they are logged in, all without disrupting their ability to receive calls.

  Phone Only

Activate’s phone only system provides your voters with an 800 number to use to log in to our system. Volunteers are able to call from any phone – at home, at the office, or even their cell phone – to make calls for your campaign, giving them maximum flexibility. Using a touchtone phone, volunteers are able to gather data using a simple number-based system of disposition codes.

Here is an example of our Phone Only Service

  Robo Calls

Work with our resident Automated Call Expert to design a script, create and edit recordings, and implement features like built in touchtone surveys or the ability to allow voters that answer the automated call to be transferred to a live member of your campaign. Once everything is prepared, Activate can deliver your automated message to anywhere in the United States. Clients have used Activate’s automated call system for get out the vote efforts, advocacy and persuasion, endorsement notification, event notification, and advocacy and persuasion calls.

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