What We Do

Make Your Volunteers Better Than A Telemarketing Firm

SmartActivate is a system that puts supporters to work on the phones getting the message out - without having to waste time on dialing, printing call sheets or even waiting for the phone to ring. By making it possible to contact 35-45 voters in an hour, your volunteers are able to talk to as many voters as a telemarketing firm, and convey their passion for the campaign. SmartActivate makes it so that you no longer have to decide between volunteerism or efficiency.

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How We Can Help

Exponentially Increase Efficiency

SmartActivate and PoliMetrics combine to bring efficiency to your field and volunteer operations. We help you promote the grassroots movement in your campaign by making volunteers far more efficient with predictive dialers, as well as being able to improve your persuasion and GOTV efforts through our expansive modeling capabilities.