Activate 3 is up and running with many new features

The New Features Of Activate 3

By Benjamin Rogers


There are many great new features in Activate 3 that are listed below. Those along with Great Pricing, More Reliable System, and our always stellar 24/7 Customer Service work together to give you an even better product. 

Manager Side:


Copy Projects: the ability to quickly copy all settings from one project into a new one. Add a new list and agents, and you’re ready to go

Lists: Is first name first? Activate can separate your list of recorded names into first and last names, meaning you don’t need to mess with your file to do it.

Mapping has been streamlined, allowing you to add everything faster.

Automatic screening for cell phones means that a list can be added in minutes without worrying about your records.

State exclusions: Only reach people whose numbers start from your state.

Time zone separation/exclusion. Activate3 divides lists by time zone, making sure you only contact people at times they want to be contacted.

With Activate3, you have the ability to export only a specific list’s data, giving you a new way to quick.


Scripts: Completely reinvented lightweight but powerful script editor. Also, change the page color as desired.

Dispositions: Editing dispositions no longer copies new ones

Get notified instantly when your agents succeed with hits, allowing you to immediately see when dispositions you choose are selected.

Copy a record to a different project with a disposition.

Email: Intuitively manage multiple emails to send out when selected dispositions are selected.

Prospect search: Searches can now be saved, allowing you to repeat a search and edit records .

Agent Telemetry:Color Coded agent statuses let you make sense of how your agents are doing instantly.

Monitor Volunteer: Listen in on how your agents’ conversations are going without them noticing. With whisper, you can coach an agent over the phone, or speak to an agent and their contact with barge.

Reports: Only get the people who chose a specific option in your Data Exports with filtering on a special field.

Agent Side:

Schedule Call backs for when contacts want to be reached.

Make your appointments for a contact from the agent software, manage them from the manager software.

Predictive dialing: See the record before you dial the number