Brad Schneider Takes the Nomination in Illinois’ Tenth District

In Illinois’ Tenth District, a congressional district that has long been a battleground between Democrats and Republicans, which elections usually being decided by slim margins, Democrats were gearing up to nominate a challenger for Republican—and Tea Partier—incumbent Robert Dold. The two top contenders were Ilya Sheyman, a 25-year old former national organizer, and Brad Schneider, a local management consultant.

While Sheyman’s campaign pulled in big nominations and support from out of state interests, Schneider’s campaign set out to mobilize and motivate the people of the Tenth District through a comprehensive grassroots effort. To help build this base, the Schneider campaign turned to Activate for a volunteer powered phone banking and predictive dialer service.

Despite push polls funded by Sheyman’s supporters that showed Schneider trailing behind his opponent, the Schneider campaign pushed on and remained committed to the belief that a true grassroots campaign was the best way to energize and mobilize the voters of the Tenth District. Using Activate, volunteers for the Schneider campaign were able to make 145,000 dials in the two months before the March 20th Illinois primary and speak to over 30,000 voters. The campaign’s average contact per hour rate over those two months was a strong thirty-nine people per hour.

With Activate, the Schneider campaign was able to target specific groups of voters in the Tenth District and encourage them to volunteer or vote early and inform them of new endorsements Brad had received, all using specialized scripts and data gathering tools.

On Election Day, the Brad Schneider’s commitment to a grassroots campaign paid off. He took the Democratic nomination, defeating Sheyman and his out of state, special interest backers by eight points.

Activate would like to congratulate Brad and his team on a great victory and would like to thank them for allowing Activate to be a part of it. We look forward to the general election and the chance to Brad Schneider and his supports turn the Tenth District blue again for the first time since 1979 and to send Tea Partier Robert Dold packing.

To learn more about Brad Schneider’s run for Congress and his positions as well as more information on how to support Schneider’s campaign, please visit