Lloyd Doggett Wins Soundly In Texas' Thirty-Fifth District

In July 2011, Texas’ Republican Governor Rick Perry signed a new redistricting plan into law the implemented heavy gerrymandering in several of Texas’ congressional districts in a partisan attempt to destabilize several long serving Democratic representatives, including Congressman Lloyd Doggett in Texas’ Twenty-fifth District.

Ready to fight Republican-lead redistricting, Congressman Doggett, who had served for many terms as a voice for his hometown of Austin, Texas in the United States House of Representatives, sought reelection in the brand new Thirty-Fifth District, which includes portions of both Austin and San Antonio.

In order to reach out to new groups of voters and mobilize the district’s Democratic voting base, Congressman Doggett’s campaign built a grassroots campaign that empower voters to join the fight to keep Lloyd fighting for Texas families.

For a phone banking and predictive dialer solution, the Doggett campaign turned to Activate, maximizing the power of Activate’s easy-to-use phone-only option to gather information on supporters, encourage early voting, and find volunteers who were willing and eager to help the Congressman succeed in his primary battle against Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector Sylvia Romo.

In the two months before Texas Democrats cast their primary ballots on May 29th, volunteers for Congressman Doggett’s campaign used Activate to make an incredible 83,000 dials and speak to over 14,500 voters at an average rate of thirty-eight contacts per volunteer per hour.

On Election Day, all of that hard work and well-planned organization paid off. Congressman Doggett secured the Democratic nomination with a sound seventy-three percent of the vote, proving that voter powered campaigns and a track record of being a strong voice for Texas families was more than enough to overcome Republican gerrymandering.

Activate would like to congratulate Congressman Doggett and his team on a great victory and would like to thank him for allowing Activate to be a part of it. We look forward to the general election and the opportunity to help Congressman Doggett defeat Republican Susan Narvaiz and remain a voice for the people of Austin in Washington, D.C.

To learn more about Lloyd Doggett’s run for Congress and his positions as well as more information on how to support Doggett’s campaign, please visit http://www.votedoggett.com/.