Mississippians for Healthy Families Protects Women’s Rights With Activate

In Mississippi, signatures had been gathered to put Initiative 26 on the ballot for November 2011. Initiative 26 planned on adding a clause to the Mississippi Constitution stating that life begins at “the moment of fertilization.”

Adding this clause would deny women in Mississippi access to abortions and even basic forms of birth control like the pill, robbing women of their right to control their own bodies. Even women that were rape or incest victims would be forced to carry pregnancies caused by their attacker and women that miscarried because of a car accident could potentially be charged with manslaughter for losing their child. Even abortions conducted to save the life of a mother would have to be approved by a government bureaucrat.

Mississippians for Healthy Families quickly formed to mobilize the citizens of Mississippi, stop the bill, and protect the health of women in the state by encouraging everyone to vote No on Initiative 26. To help their grassroots opposition to the Initiative, Mississippians for Healthy Families turned to Activate for phone banking and predictive dialer technology.

With Activate, pro-choice and women’s rights supporters from not only Mississippi but all across America were able to voice their support for the state’s women. In the five weeks before the election, volunteers using Activate were able to make over 210,000 dials and speak to over 80,000 Mississippi voters to encourage them to vote against Initiative 26.

Despite polls indicating that Initiative 26 would pass, when Election Day came, all of Mississippians for Health Families’ work paid off. Almost half a million Mississippians turned out to vote No on Initiative 26 and it was defeated 58% to 42% in an impressive victory for women’s rights.

Activate congratulates Mississippians for Healthy Families on their victory and would like to thank them for letting us play a role in it!

To learn more about Mississippians for Healthy Family’s successful effort to defeat Initiative 26 and preserve women’s rights, please visit www.votenoon26.org.