The Newest Service Activate Offers: PoliMetric Modeling

Twenty years ago a voter ID program consisted of using telemarketing firms to call voters and ask them for whom they would likely vote.  It generally worked.  Voters twenty years ago didn't have caller ID to screen their calls.  There were no Do Not Call lists. There were very few cell phones. There were no smart phones.


Things have changed.


The notion that you will get quality answers to questions about voting from every voter isn't any longer an option.  Campaigns need to change to the new paradigm. In the information age we have big data, hundreds of data points, that make calling every voter an antiquated need.  We still have to ask people what they think.  We just don't have to ask everyone.


PoliMetrics utilizes cutting edge, volunteer driven data collection to

statistically predict individual voting behavior.  This is the modern field campaign


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