Nicholas Lampson Wins Big in Texas' Fourteenth District

After over a decade and a half in office, Republican Representative Ron Paul announced that he would not seek another term in Congress, making his seat in Texas’ Fourteenth District up for grabs. While Galveston and the Fourteen District had long been a Republican stronghold, Democrats knew that with a strong candidate, there was an opportunity to turn this district blue for the first time since 1995.

One man that was up to the challenge was former Texas Representative Nicholas Lampson. While nine different Republicans lined up to try and replace Ron Paul, Congressman Lampson launched a grassroots campaign aimed at empowering and motivating the Democratic voters of the Fourteenth District to be ready for a tough general election battle in November.

To help build this voter-powered movement, the Lampson campaign turned to Activate for their predictive dialer and phone banking needs. In the month and a half before Texas’ May 29th primary election, volunteers for the campaign were able to use Activate to make over 51,000 dials and speak to almost 11,000 voters, encouraging them to turnout and support Congressman Lampson at of nearly thirty contacts per volunteer per hour.

With Activate as a part of their comprehensive, voter-powered campaign, the Lampson campaign was able to turn out thousands of voters both during early voting and on Election Day, enabling Congressman Lampson to achieve victory with eighty-three percent of the vote, a strong show of Democratic unity and readiness to challenge the winner of the Republican run-off election on July 31st between John Gay and Robert Gonzalez.

Activate would like to congratulate Congressman Lampson and his team on a sound victory and would like to thank him for allowing Activate to be a part of it. We look forward to the general election and the opportunity to support his team as they strive to return the Fourteenth District to its proper color: blue.

To learn more about Nicholas Lampson’s run for Congress and his positions as well as more information on how to support Lampson’s campaign, please visit