Activate Services

Predictive, Auto and Power Dialers

Depending on the size of your campaign and number of callers available, choose the right dialer for you. A predictive dialer is perfect for campaigns with 5 or more agents calling and time needs to be maximized. An auto dialer is for those teams of 1 to 4 agents who want to dial fast.   A power dialer is great for calling cell phones of people who haven’t opted in to getting calls and for projects that require seeing the voter’s information before they answer the phone.  

 All collected information will sync back to a central database and NGPVAN

Peer2Peer Texting

Engage in one to one conversations with hundreds or even thousands of voters at a time using peer to peer text messages. Collect event RSVPs, carry out surveys, and resolve queries all while making sure your data syncs back to a central database and NGPVAN.

  Robo Calls

Work with our resident Automated Call Expert to design a script, create and edit recordings, and implement features like built in touchtone surveys or the ability to allow voters that answer the automated call to be transferred to a live member of your campaign. Once everything is prepared, Activate can deliver your automated message to anywhere in the United States. Clients have used Activate’s automated call system for get out the vote efforts, advocacy and persuasion, endorsement notification, event notification, and advocacy and persuasion calls.

Broadcast Text Messaging

Broadcast texting to reach your entire contact list with the click of a button. Text-based sign up to collect data and build your database. All with automated responses to handle conversations.


 Phone Number analysis

Activate will analyze the phone numbers of your voters to determine if they are landlines or cell phones. We check if the number is valid or not. You can analyze entire phonebooks or only select a few. You can then edit or remove the invalid numbers from your contact list. 

Dynamic CallerID

We match your CallerID to the region of the person called. Studies have shown that people are more inclined to pick up calls from callers in their own region.  So if you’re texting or calling into multiple area codes the CallerID will seamlessly change to match the voter’s area code.