Marcy Kaptur Wins Big in Ohio’s New Ninth District

After Republican-lead gerrymandering merged Ohio’s former Tenth and Ninth Congressional districts together into a new Ninth District, old friends and Representatives Marcy Kaptur and Dennis Kucinich were forced into a fierce primary battle to keep their seats in the United States House of Representatives.

Representative Kaptur and her campaign hoped to create a strong, grassroots support base in her home counties and begin to expand into Representative Kucinich’s former district, building energy and enthusiasm for her long track record of accomplishment in Washington. To accomplish this, she turned to Activate for a phone banking and predictive dialer solution. This choice paid off.

In the month before the March 6th Ohio primary, volunteers for Congresswoman Kaptur’s campaign used the Activate system to make 126,000 dials, yielding almost 31,000 contacts with voters at an average contact rate of forty-two voters per hour over the course of the campaign’s phone banking.

On March 6th, the votes were cast and the race was called for Marcy Kaptur, who won with 56% of the vote. Dennis Kucinich took 40% while a third opponent, Graham Versey, came in at 4%.

Congresswoman Kaptur enjoyed incredibly strong support in Lucas County, home of the city of Toledo, where her campaign had spent a great deal of time using Activate and other grassroots tools to mobilize her base. Marcy Kaptur received 22,269 votes in Lucas County to Dennis Kucinich’s 870. The Kaptur campaign’s support didn’t just stop at her base counties, however. In the highly competitive Lorain County, a suburb of Cleveland and a Kucinich stronghold, Kaptur’s campaign used Activate for a targeted persuasion effort and thanks to it and their strong grassroots organization, Congresswoman Kaptur was able to take Lorain County 4,991 votes to Kucinich’s 4,587.

Activate congratulates Representative Kaptur on her primary victory thank would like to thank the campaign for letting Activate play a role in it. We wish her luck in her general election battle against Republican challenge Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher.

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